Black Horse empowers retailers to fight global shrink and retail crime with proven merchandise protection solutions.

Sensormatic is one of the most trusted names in loss prevention. We offer innovative, top-quality solutions that help combat shrink and deliver predictive analytics and insights you can use to help improve operational efficiency and create a better shopper experience.


Solutions for All Your Merchandise

A wide range of options to best protect all types of merchandise and store formats.


Innovative Technology

Tools designed to protect merchandise, provide insights into shrink and increase operational efficiency.


Trusted Brand

Black Horse is Chosen by renowned retailers to help protect billions and billions of items of all kinds.


Turning Data and Insights into Action

Even the most detailed data is only as good as the insights drawn from it. Black Horse Shrink Management as a Service is a new cloud-based solution that collects highly detailed data. With these easy-to-understand patterns, analytics and insights, you'll be empowered to fuel profits by helping predict and prevent shrink. In addition, this new-found data helps you improve operational efficiencies, such as staff optimization, identification of training gaps, spotting ORC events and more. SMaaS also includes remote management of equipment to ensure your system is running optimally.

Innovation that Improves Your Efficiency

The right technology can do much more than reduce shrink—it can create efficiencies that drive savings and even deliver a memorable experience to your shoppers. Black Horse's InFuzion tag can cut your in-store tagging costs by 40%*. The InFuzion tag is sleek and sturdy, and helps minimize damage to fine and delicate garments.

Versatile, Effective Source Tagging Solutions

Black Horse Marketing's Source Tagging program ensures your merchandise is protected at the source and arrives floor-ready to help sell more and lose less, while enabling staff to better serve shoppers.

Get the most from your video investments

Black Horse video solutions help you gain near real-time visibility and insights for accurate decision-making across the enterprise to heighten asset protection, improve the shopper experience and streamline store operations. We offer a range of technologies to help enable design and deployment of customized video solutions to help you meet your business needs.

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